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“Mama Baha” Explains Why Citizen TV Doesn’t Pay Machachari Royalties

“Mama Baha,” also known as Wanjiku Mburu, has finally spoken out about the unpaid royalties from Citizen TV for Machachari reruns on Royal Media Services (RMS). The actress shed light on why the network has not been paying actors and other contributors who made various popular programs in Kenya a success, which helped shape the film industry in the country.

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According to Wanjiku, the reason behind the unpaid royalties is that they did not sign a contract regarding royalties at the time of the show’s initial airing. She stated, “Well without beating around the bush, what you heard is true and you know there is something that you sign called a contract. The program is not ours, it’s theirs and it is unfortunate that we didn’t sign the royalties contract at the time. So there is nothing much we can do.”

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She advised other artists to be cautious when signing contracts and scrutinize every detail, especially regarding royalty payments. Wanjiku explained that no one is at fault for their predicament, as they were not careful when signing their contract.

Wanjiku also commented on the government’s role in supporting the creative industry, stating that it should understand the needs of artists and provide some management support on their behalf. She expressed that the government could empower artists by taking on management roles and micro-managing their work, allowing artists to focus solely on their craft.

In conclusion, Wanjiku advised artists to concentrate on their craft and not worry about investment decisions, as building one’s own character can be challenging. With her statement, Wanjiku has clarified the details of the scenario that occurred months after Dennis Mugo, also known as OJ, called out Citizen TV for airing reruns of Tahidi High without paying the actors.

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