Majority Of Kenyans Oppose The BBI Report – Random Poll

The majority of Kenyans feel the BBI report with its recommendations is unnecessary and is being imposed on them. A random opinion poll has shown.

The report is slated for its launch on the Monday of October 26 at the Bomas of Kenya.

The report was handed to President Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga last week sparking up mixed reactions towards it.

BBI was birthed in 2018 after Uhuru and Raila reached a pact after the latter had disputed the presidential vote results in the 2017 elections. As vouched for by the two, the report is aimed at halting endless disputes that result from the political contests (the presidency at most) in every electioneering cycle.

The ones opposing it argue the document is being used to help certain individuals cling to power plus creating more positions for others in the pretext of enabling a conducive post-election environment.

“It completely fails to acknowledge that a major cause of violence at every electoral cycle is politicians at different levels who refuse to accept the will of the people by inciting their supporters to violence & trashing or ignoring altogether judicial pronouncements on electoral disputes,” Hon. Kindiki Kithure, Tharaka Nithi Senator.

In this poll, more than 20,000 people took part and in a span of less than two days. A good percentage shuns the report on the basis that it increases inessential burden to the taxpayer and is not keen on benefitting the ultimate common man.

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The opposers find it necessary for the current constitution to be fully implemented and some of the recommendations in the BBI report -if so much needed- be effected by legislation in both the senate and the national assembly.

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The document in question has widened the rift between President Kenyatta and his deputy who has been on record debunking the need of having a constitutional change prior to the 2022 vote.

The report spots need in creating the position of a premier and its two deputies, the proponents saying it is instrumental in voiding the ‘winner takes it all’ situation after an election. It thus seeks to include every player in a vote.

Besides the positions, therein lies many other recommendations on revenue allocation, representation in the august house(s) et al.

Get the report here.

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