Lonyangapuo Sacks Nurse For Not Working On Weekends

West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo was an angry man after finding one of the local dispensaries within his county closed. He has since sacked the nurse in charge citing laxity and incompetence.

The person is behaving like a primary teacher who goes home over the weekends forgetting that sickness has no weekends. We pay them over Sh100,000 a month. Well, the job lost immediately.

West Pokot County hit news headlines during the rainy season after suffering tragic landslides. Lives were lost and inhabitants displaced.

The governor admits that his county is among the poorest in the country and therefore county staff should up their game to allow them to play in the same league as top counties.

He insists that seamless delivery of services is the order of the day in West Pokot and all lazy staff will be dismissed. The union of nurses is yet to comment on the irregular sacking of the nurse.

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