Lawyer Says Ksh 72M Mastermind Was Killed in Cold Blood

Criminal lawyer Cliff Ombeta has accused the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) of covering up the murder of Wycliffe Vincent Oduor, the alleged mastermind behind the Ksh 72M heist.

The DCI confirmed the news said that Wycliffe Vincent Oduor was killed on Tuesday evening during a shootout at Kayole junction, Nairobi County.

According to the DCI, the shootout began when police officers received a distress call from the public of three armed men robbing people at the location.

Cliff, however, believes that the police report was made up to justify his killing claiming that his client was killed in cold blood. He said that Oduor had been receiving odd phone calls from individuals who promised to help him with his case if he offered them some amount of money.


The lawyer went on to say that his client was lured from his home on a fateful day by a call from a woman who wanted to meet up with him immediately.

There was a person calling him, claiming to be able to help him with the case if he parted with some money. They were also threatening him with what would happen if he failed to comply. At times he would be called even past midnight and asked to leave the house but initially he did not.

On that day he had just had lunch with his wife in the evening when he received a call from a woman asking him to meet, telling him she could help him with his situation. One and a half-hours later, his body was at City Mortuary.

Cliff Ombeta

Cliff questioned how the report stated that there was a shootout when members of the public in Kayole did not know about it. He also questioned why the bullet that killed him was shot from close range. The lawyer has now vowed to pursue the matter to its conclusion.

I will pursue this matter to the end. I’m looking into private prosecution

Cliff Ombeta

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