Prof. PLO Lumumba Disowns Fake Twitter Accounts

Eloquent lawyer and scholar Professor PLO Lumumba has officially come out to disassociate himself with the multiple social media handles -especially on twitter that has been using his name.

The handles have been using incoherent “English” language purported to be direct from the professor, language that the followers to the accounts have been finding so amusing.

An instance:

The ongoing #WajingaNyinyi by King kaka is a mandayasmic sabojilism. Kenyans are gradzeeled and toprogrady. The revolution is charastata.digrogogy and soloptic. We can’t nondjorn and dicrone such fregy nogy!!

“PLO Lumumba”

The above is what the professor is purported to have tweeted bringing a confusion of whether he was the one considering the handle that came with it had a blue tick.

This has made the good professor of law to clear the air, holding he does not exist on social media. In a letter to Twitter, PLO instructed the owners of the platform to bring down all the accounts that bear his names and pictures.

“These individuals have created these fake accounts and have been commenting and disseminating statements on various important national, regional and international matters using abusive, intrusive and sometimes incomprehensible language. The information published in these fake accounts is then used to create memes and transferred to Whatsapp and Facebook platforms for mass circulation with the obvious intention of implying that I am the author.” PLO Lumumba

The lawyer has also hinted he will be seeking the intervention of Kenya’s Director of Criminal Investigation (DCI) and the Director of Cyber under the Communications Authority to help in bringing down the fake accounts, and if possible prosecute the beings behind the impersonation.

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