Lawyer Nzamba Kitonga Is Dead

Veteran lawyer Nzamba Kitonga, SC, is dead.

The lawyer died of cardiac arrest on Saturday evening as confirmed by his family.

” He is dead. He suffered cardiac arrest,” family spokesperson.

The goner is remembered as one of the experts that played a big role in the drafting of the 2010 constitution. He chaired the committee of experts that designed the constitution.

Top players in the legal fraternity in the country have mourned the death terming it as unfortunate and untimely.

The death happens at a time when the constitution Kitonga with his team crafted is staring at a review courtesy of the Building Bridges Initiative which is being vouched for by President Kenyatta and former premier and ODM leader Raila Odinga.

Kitonga was last heard in June this year when he was commenting on the feud that had just begun developing between the Judiciary and the Executive.

President Uhuru Kenyatta had failed to appoint the 41 judges as recommended by the JSC inviting the wrath of CJ Maraga who called him out for blackmailing the Judiciary and the whole exercise of administering justice.

Mr. Kitonga heaped blame on AG Paul Kihara for misadvising the president regarding the matter.

“The AG seats on the JSC and is part of the decision-making process, but after making those decisions, he goes and misadvises the President,” Nzamba Kitonga.

Kitonga was of the opinion that the AG ceases to be a member of the JSC.

The lawyer, a native of Kitui county, has died aged 64 years.

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Dignitaries continue to mourn the death:

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