Lawyer Donald Kipkorir Paid Ksh 22,000 For This Plate Of Food

So just good Ksh 22,000 can easily disappear just like that in few minutes of lunch? That I suppose is what you are asking yourself. The amount should be a rip-off to most Kenyans, especially when it all goes for something like lunch.

Affluent city lawyer Donald Kipkorir could not feel the depression after he spent Ksh. 22,000 eating lunch while on a vacay in Italy.

“Having lunch at Cum Qui9bus, a Michelin Star restaurant in San Gimignano, a small beautiful town in Tuscany, Italy…Beauty and fullness of life come in small quantities… If there is heaven on earth, Tuscany is,” Kipkorir said.

His followers wondered what was in the plates -he flaunted for launch.

With almost “nothing” to call lunch, the lawyer puzzled the Thomases when he revealed he had parted with Ksh 22,000 to put the “empty plates” on the table.

He prompted to mention the cost after a tweep understood the fact that the lunch may appear meager but drawn good money from the lawyer.

That lunch may look little but trust me it is expensive. Probably cost wakili 80 Euros.” Noel Weks said.

The lawyer cleared the speculations, the lunch was really an expensive one! He was quick to reveal he had paid 200 Euros for the lunch, which equals Ksh. 22,500.

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Check the plates worth the cash:

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