Lanes!! This Student Used to Be Flown By Chopper To School

While you would deem it fit to board in school so as to cut on such costs of commuting, for a family in West Pokot it was all about pomp and glamour as they would fly their daughter from Pokot to Alliance Girls High School in Nairobi.

Maureen Long’al who is now an alumnus of Alliance Girls was one of the best performers in 2019 KCSE. She scored 86.9 points in the exam which equals grade A. She said her parents were committed to providing the best environment for her studies.

With the distance from Pokot to Nairobi, her father thought taking for her a flight would be the best method she arrives in school and on time.

“The distance from our home to school was too long which could take days to reach the school hence my dad sacrificed to see me fly for only 45 minutes,” Maureen said.

Her father works as the assistant to Mr. Charlse Keter, who has ever served as the senator for Kericho County before he was appointed to Energy docket as the cabinet secretary.

Maureen said her parents’ determination to offer her the best is the reason behind her success in academics. She looks forward to undertaking a program in chemical engineering with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as her dream university.

She is happy she has been able to beat the odds and shine and reserve a place in the midst of the achievers.

“Due to parents’ sacrifice, I have conquered the adversity of coming from a little-known village which is usually associated with cattle rustling, enter-tribal clashes, drought among other negative perception,” Maureen.

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