Landlord Kicks Out Tenant After Accommodating Fellow Evicted Tenants in His House

One tenant in Ruai will be forced to spend the night in the cold with his family after he was kicked out by his landlord over rent arrears.

Robert Kiilu was featured on KTN News for his act of kindness towards stranded neighbours. He offered the evicted neighbours food and shelter in his one-bedroom house.

Despite having rent arrears totalling Ksh 10,000, Robert and his wife Jackline Kanyari went ahead to aid their needy neighbours. One of the evicted tenants, Jackline Otipo narrated how she was offered help by the good Samaritan.

One day, I went back to my house and upon arrival, my landlord evicted me as I had not paid my 3-month rent. I left and sat on the balcony, pondering on my next move as I have three children who depend on me. 

I can’t believe that they helped us. I believe it’s God work manifesting through their lives. They have welcomed us in the midst of this pandemic and they never cared about themselves

Jackline Otipo

Kiilu’s decision to welcome Otipo’s family into his house paved way for more tenants who came asking for help, as he housed over 10 other families in a span of one week.

Things, however, started going south as they ran out food supplies and their electricity and water utilities cut due to unpaid bills.

His act of kindness was filmed during the day but was evicted in the evening at the time his story was being aired in subsequent bulletins.

Imagine my landlord was so furious on seeing you (KTN crew). We came back to the house and found it locked. We really struggled with him to let us pick a few items, which he did. However, we have found a safe haven for now

Kiilu’s eviction comes after the Landlords and Tenants Association (LATAK) ordered all tenants not to pay rent due to the COVID-19 negative impact on the economy. Property owners were also asked not to harass anyone over rent dues and seek advice from the association if they find it difficult to comply with the directive.

We direct all tenants not to pay rent until when Uhuru Kenyatta orders businesses to resume normal operations. All the landlords must forthwith stop evictions, harassment and disconnection of electricity and water to tenants who are not in a position to pay the rent of April and thereafter with immediate effect until the government orders reopening of all the businesses in the country,

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