Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru Has Been Impeached

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has been impeached on Tuesday afternoon in a motion passed by the members of the county assembly.

The highly anticipated impeachment motion saw 24 out of the 33 MCAs in the county sleeping at the assembly on Monday night. They even switched off their phones so as to “protect their phone numbers”.

Waiguru faced accusations of corruption and abuse of office among other accusations. Things, however, were not pretty as MCAs traded blows during the motion that saw officers intervene to calm the tensions.

Eventually, the motion was passed with a 23-0 vote with 4 MCAs abstaining and the remaining 6 absent from the motion hearing. The County Assembly Speaker is expected to send the results to the Senate Speaker where Waiguru’s fate will ultimately be decided.

This impeachment motion comes after Kiambu County MCAs successfully kicked out former governor Ferdinard Waititu. The impeachment process was completed when the senate voted him out seeing the deputy governor take over.

Should history repeat itself, this would be the second time within the Jubilee party where a governor has been impeached.

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