Kipchumba Murkomen Seeks Peace With James Orengo After Heated Exchange In Senate

Elgeiyo Marakwet senator Kipchumba Murkomen has come out clean regarding the spirited exchange he had with his Siaya counterpart James Orengo on Friday in the senate.

The two took on each other during the motion of Kithure Kindiki’s removal as the house deputy speaker.

Murkomen had during the motion sought to know whether Mr. Kindiki had been served with the allegations that his ouster motion was based on.

James Orengo interrupted specifying that in such a motion there exists no provision in the law that requires a speaker or their deputy who is being removed from office be served with charges that lead to their removal since it was basically a motion.

Murkomen with various references held that it was necessary that Prof. Kindiki who was the center of the motion be told the reasons for his removal. The persistence rattled Orengo who revealed Murkomen has never prosecuted any case, terming him a ‘junior’ in matters law asking him to read before the speaker the provisions he claimed had been violated.

Murkomen clapped back to prove he is qualified, putting Orengo on spot for lacking a master’s degree while he has two of them, he has taught law at the university while Orengo has not.

The altercation elicited reactions online with their respective followers doing a comparison Orengo fanatics pointing out his intellect and experience in law practice surpasses Murkomen’s credentials which were termed as inconsequential.

Murkomen who is now composed says he respects Orengo given his vast knowledge in matters regarding law.

“I have spared little opportunity to pay him the tribute he so richly deserves, and always scrupulously defer to his experience, knowledge, and seniority,” Murkomen says.

He, however, states that it is not in order for Orengo with his mastery in legal matters to belittle those he feels are juniors to him and who possess different opinions far from him.

“It has become customary for my learned senior colleague to cite his long and successful litigation experience in order to advance his arguments whilst at the same time implying that younger colleagues are not qualified or competent to challenge his positions,” Murkomen adds.

“The persistence of this tactic suggests that Sen. Orengo not only puts a tremendous premium on his seniority in the legal profession but also seeks to privilege it at the expense of all competing positions,”

The former senate ML in response to claims that he has never successfully prosecuted any case says lawyers can also outdo themselves outside normal litigations and trials adding that many a legendary practitioner in the field have made their names outside courtrooms.

Dispelling the thoughts of there being animosity between him and Orengo, Murkomen says what took place on the floor of the house was expected and that it can’t qualify to rift his relationship with the Siaya senator.

“I graduated from the same university as Sen. Orengo 30 years after him and that is good for him. But it shouldn’t necessarily be bad for me. This is the spirit in which I took up my intervention, and I hope that this debate will not in any way strain my friendship with Hon. Sen. Orengo,” he closes.

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