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Killer Cop Caroline Kangogo’s Parents Sends Emotional Message to Her

The parents of suspected killer cop Corporal Caroline Kangogo have appealed to her to surrender to the relevant authorities.

The police officer is. wanted for the murder of two men

Speaking during an interview on Wednesday, Kangago’s parents noted that they were shocked by their daughter’s actions and requested for forgiveness from families of the two men she reportedly murdered.

“Ningeambia tu sai ajisalimishe kwa police, pia yeye ni askari ambaye anajua sheria. Ni vizuri ajitoe na ajisalimishe kwa polisi, kwa wale familia mbili ambao walipoteza watoto wao tunasema pole kwa yale ilitokea. Sisi pia tuliskia kwa mshangao kupitia kwa radio,” Barnaba Kibor, Kangogo’s father said.

On her part, Kangogo’s mother was very emotional and at one point broke down as she wondered why her daughter decided to go on a killing spree.

She noted that Caroline was a great daughter, adding that she is still in shock that she resorted to violence.

“Ulifanya mbaya kuuwa watu, ata ungewewacha watu alafu ukuje kusema maneno uko nayo… Alikuwa mtoto yangu ya kwanza lakini sijui ni nini ndio akafanya maneno kama hayo… Nilishtuka sana, alikuwa mtoto napenda kabisa…Nimeshtuka kabisa, kuuwa watu…Kama alikuwa na maneno angekuja nyumbani kuambia sisi,” she said.

The family has regretted the murders allegedly committed by the daughter and want her to surrender immediately to avert any further unfortunate incidents.

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