Kikuyu Elders Blame Locust Invasion on Homosexuality

A section of Kikuyu elders has blamed homosexuality in the country for bringing natural calamities such as that of the locusts invasion.

The elders were speaking in Murang’a county where they reiterated that it was a taboo for people of the same sex to be in a marital union. Kikuyu Council of Elders Chairman Father Joakim Gitonga termed it as “ungodly” and as “nonsense brought to Africa from the West” which should be opposed.

…the practice is ungodly, and is nonsense brought to Africa from the West which we should all oppose

They added that homosexuality could be linked to the myriads of calamities that have been affecting the continent in the recent past.

Head of Murang’a Cultural Association said that the association would be travelling across the country to propagate an anti-homosexuality campaign to school kids and young adults.

Women elders also joined the conversation vowing to launch campaigns against homosexuality. The women said that the trend will kill the family unit as we know it.

We are killing our communities by allowing members of the same-sex to be in relationships, we should live as God intended, this is likely one of the reasons why locusts have invaded Kenya,

Mercy Wanjiku, Deputy Kikuyu Council of Elders

Their remarks come after the Anglican Archbishop Ole Sapit said he would join other bishops in boycotting the Lambeth Conference in the United Kingdom.

The conference, which happens once every ten years, will be hosted by practising gay bishops. It usually attracts Anglican bishops across the globe such as the ordination of women as priests, gay relationships, and corruption.

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