Kibra By-Election Vote Underway

Vote in Kibra opened at 6 AM and voters seem to be coming out quite in considerable numbers evident of the long queues.

The exercise runs in the five wards namely Woodley, Lindi, Laini Saba , Makina and Sarang’ombe. Kibra Constituency bears a total of 118,658 voters and this poll sees almost 24 hopefuls eyeing the seat.

The seat was rendered vacant after the former MP the late Ken Okoth succumbed to cancer in July. Among those aspiring to clinch the seat is Imran Okoth who has been fronted by ODM. Jubilee Party has Macdonald Mariga with Eliud Owalo of ANC ending the list of the top contestants.

Kibra by-election is considered a tough show-down between ODM leader Raila Odinga and Deputy President William Ruto.

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The outcome may shape the mode of politicking in the country prior to the 2022 general polls. Some argue the by-election In Kibra serves a litmus test between those in favor with the much-talked-about BBI and those who are against it.

The exercise is believed to end at 5 PM before the tallying of votes begins. Kibra makes one of the constituencies in Nairobi City County.

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