KEWOTA Called Out For Defrauding Teachers

KEWOTA is on spot after Kenyans noted it has been stealing from its members who happen to be female teachers.

The teachers say they never signed to be in the organization but went ahead to see their salaries facing deductions with the money channeled to the organization.

The organization is believed to be working cahoots with the Teachers Service Commission who have refused to revoke the teachers’ membership from the KEWOTA organization.

Speaking to a local Blog, one of the teachers said they had contacted both TSC and KEWOTA to cease their membership (in KEWOTA) but that never came to pass, their salaries deductions going on.

We wrote to both KEWOTA and TSC to stop the deductions but the deductions are continuing,” the teacher said.

KEWOTA is headed by Ms. Benta Opanda as its CEO, Ms. Jacinta Ndegwa as the treasurer and Ms. Muthoni Dorothy as the chair. The organization going by its mantra is meant to better the lives of its members, but it now appears to be a disservice to the teachers who now cry foul after its exploitation against them.

Not oblivious of what would ensue, national teachers umbrella KNUT under Wilson Sossion had sought the intervention of the EACC and DCI to hinder the registration of KEWOTA citing it was meant to conspire against teachers.

With the clarity in the Kenyan law where it has stated that no one should be compelled to join any organization, it is not comprehensible why the TSC and KEWOTA would still choose to hold the female teachers hostage to their antics.

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