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Kenyatta University Master’s Student Found Dead After Date With Mystery Lover

On Monday, March 20, Kenyatta University master’s student June Jerop was found dead hours after leaving for a date with a mystery lover. Her body was reportedly found dumped along the road in Nairobi and was transferred to the City Mortuary by the police.

According to Jerop’s family and friends, her phone went off when she left the institution to meet her date at around 5 pm. “Her friends told us she informed them that she was going to meet a male friend, but did not disclose much more about it,” Jerop’s sister lamented.

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Jerop’s body was found swollen and blood-stained, raising questions about whether she was caught in the nationwide demonstrations or was murdered. Her family filed a missing person report at the local police station after several attempts to contact her at work and school. Her colleagues joined in the search in the hope of finding her alive.

On March 24, Jerop’s family and friends identified her body at the morgue through her clothes and hairstyle. “We suspect she was killed on Sunday, and her body dumped on the roadside on Monday morning,” the deceased’s sister told the Media.

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The family demanded justice from the authorities and awaited an autopsy to be conducted. Police commenced investigations into the case, attempting to piece together her last conversations, hangout joints, and any persons of interest.

“As a family, we were in the process of raising money for our sick mother, and the incident has left the family heartbroken,” Jerop’s sister said.

It is a tragic incident that highlights the dangers of online dating and the need for caution when meeting with people one barely knows. The case also raises concerns about the safety of women in Kenya, where cases of violence against women continue to be reported.

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