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Kenyans Stunned By Video Of Mike Sonko Administering Covid-19 Tests(VIDEO)

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko’s political career has always been clouded with numerous stunts and antics that have oftened endeered him more to his fans. His latest move, just after he gave a shot at blogging, has stunned Kenyans.

The former county head was caught on camera administering a Covid-19 test on popular musician Gabu alias Bugubugu. In the video, Sonko claims that his mode of testing is used in London unlike the locally known modes of Covid-19 testing.

He proceeds and administers the test on the musician as he assures him of the quality of the mode used on him. Sonko is heard bragging of a medical experience clearly indicating that he has administered several such tests on other people.

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