Kenyans React After A Careless Transporter Destroyed Two Expensive Cars On Transit

Kenyans have sharply criticized a trailer driver after he destroyed two cars that he was transporting. The two vehicles got destroyed after the driver attempted to pass under a flyover that was below his vehicle’s height. The accident occured at the Delview Flyover along Thika-Muranga Highway.

Some Kenyans online suggested that the driver is not to blame since he was using a mapped route plan from the company’s control office. Others claimed that the driver might have chosen to use a shortcut route.

Here are some of the reactions online;

Kevin Dilano: I don’t blame the driver, we should blame the people managing his route plan from the office, the company should have mapped route to avoid such…not unless the driver decided to use a shortcut route.

Derrick Lowmex: Some things are common sense, kW an I the driver did not do anything estimate of the height of he’s cargo and the fly over clearance?

Emmanuel Otieno: Kenha should label the height of the overpass properly. The driver would have stopped

Bram Aswani: They always have mapped routes so it’s either the driver was being lazy or he was avoiding long route

Qush Tajji: nyinyi mnacomplain ati oooh.. the driver ooh the constructor.. wenye magari wataambiwa aji na hazina insurance

Jasper Japala: The funny part is that, a customer using this is , is asked to insure the vehicle even while its on board the carrier just like you would while it’s in high seas. Chances are that,will not accept liability, unless under natural causes.

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