Kenyans Credit Raila’s “Jowi” Chant For Jowie’s Bail Release

Netizens have claimed that ODM leader Raila Odinga’s “Jowi” chant on Wednesday is responsible for the release of Joseph Irungu on cash bail.

Kenyans on Twitter have referenced Raila’s chant during Mzee Moi’s funeral ceremony as the reason why Jowie is a free man today. The former Prime Minister sent off the former president like a true African by singing in his vernacular Luo language.

Yawa, par uru lowo, lowo wang’e tek. Yawa, par uru lowo, lowo wang’e tek. Eeee, wuoyi, gimichamo e mari, gimodong’ to kik igen. Eeee, wuoyi, gimichamo e mari, gimodong’ to kik igen. Jowi! Jowi! Jowi! Jowi! Jowi!

(Please, remember the soil, the soil is stubborn. Only consider what you have eaten or what you have, forget about whatever remains or that which you don’t have)

Raila Odinga

Jowi is a term used in the Luo community to mourn the passing on of a fierce warrior or a respected member of the society.

Merely 24 hours later after making the chant, Jowie was granted cash bail by the court. Kenyans were quick to suggest that Raila was endorsing Jowie for a political career.

Jowie has been granted release on a cash bail of Ksh 2 million after being in held in prisons since 2018 when he was arrested and charged with the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani.

Justice James Wakiaga said that there were no compelling reasons to deny him bail term. Jowie’s bail release comes with conditions that he reports to the chief every end month until the conclusion of the case and that he should not speak about the case in public or on social media.

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