Kenyan VIPs Too Proud To Hold Their Umbrellas

Photos of Kenyan ministers walking in the rain with bodyguards holding their umbrellas has raised questions about the pride among Kenya’s VIPs.The three ministers accompanied President Uhuru Kenyatta to AIC Milimani church in Nairobi.

Cs Matiangi,Margaret Kobia and Magoha entering AIC Milimani.

Interior CS Fred Matiangi, Education Cs Magoha and Margaret Kobia showed Kenyans lack of humility as always depicted by American and European VIPs. Past photos of the former US President Barrack Obama and his former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton holding their own umbrellas evidenced a complete opposite to the treatment of important persons.

Former US President Barack Obama

Kenyan VIPs have been on the spot for a myriad of public disorder acts. A section of the political class often disobey traffic rules or misuse their licensed firearms. They have, for umpteenth times, been accused of always disturbing public order and harbouring a feeling of being above the law.

Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino is currently battling a court case where he is accused of shooting a fellow reveller at a Nairobi based club. The shooting victim was rushed to Intensive Care Unit with two bullets lodged in his neck.

Former Deputy Chief Justice Nancy Baraza lost her job for roughing up a security guard at a mall. The guard had asked her to go through a security check as other shoppers. Interior CS was also fiercely criticised after an airport employee was sacked for putting him under normal passenger scrutiny procedures.

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