Kenyans and Tanzanians In A Hot Clash On Twitter

The beef between Kenyans and Tanzanians has graduated to a whole new level after the respective netizens took to Twitter to bash themselves, the parties exposing the worst on their opponents, the results turning out to be hilarious.

It all started after President Uhuru Kenyatta on Saturday announced the closure of the entry points at the Tanzanian and Kenya border, the same with the points at the Somalia border.

The closure was effected in a bid to reduce COVID-19 with Tanzania having been reluctant to undertake the essential measures to combat the dreaded virus.

In a rebuttal, President Magufuli of Tanzania also held the same stance saying no Kenyan would be allowed into Tanzania, all activities being cleared at the entry points without those involved having to cross to the other side.

Kenya being in some way dependent on Tanzania for some food, Maghufuli said he still would be willing to help should the granaries in Kenya run empty.

Netizens from the two countries have now taken up the battle, flaunting the areas they do better than their counterparts.

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