Kenya ‘Infects’ Rwanda with Three Coronavirus Cases

The Rwandese Health Ministry has confirmed that three out of the seventeen (17) coronavirus cases reported on Monday are from Kenyans.

Rwanda recorded 17 new coronavirus cases yesterday raising the total to 36. Nine of the cases were from passengers travelling from the United Arab Emirates, three from Kenya, two from the USA, one from Qatar, one from India, and one contact of a previously confirmed positive case.

All travellers entered isolation between March 17- March 20 in designated locations. The Health Ministry confirmed that all patients are in stable condition and they are looking for people who came into contact with the patients.

All travellers entered isolation between 17-20 March in designated locations and were tested. All patients are under treatment in stable condition, isolated from other patients. The tracing of all contacts has been conducted for further management

Rwandese Ministry of Health

Rwanda is the only country in the East African Community to report the highest increase in a single day. The pandemic has forced Kigali to impose draconian regulations that have put human activities at a standstill including air travel. Private transportation and pedestrian movement are all prohibited across the country except for essential services and to buy food.

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