Kenei murder: ‘Crooks, cartels’ must be punished, Ruto says

Deputy President William Ruto spoke, a few hours after his office through Chief of Staff, Ken Osinde, issued a statement regarding the CCTV footage that was aired by Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) boss George Kinoti.

The DP on Friday morning, March 6, stated that he had observed criminal cover-up in the murder case of Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei, who was attached to his office.

DP Ruto

Ruto argued that the culprits were roaming free as Kenyans were being fed with ill-concieved truth.Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei who was found dead at his Imara Daima house on Thursday, February 20, 2020

“The truth must be found on why, how, and who killed Sgt Kenei. The family, my office and Kenyans want the truth and justice and culprits held to account. 

“The drama, distortions, convenient half-truths and the smear campaigns in sponsored headlines amount to criminal cover-up,” Ruto lamented while pushing DCI Kinoti to speed up the investigations.

Ruto’s office refuted the narrative going around that former Sports Cabinet Secretary Rashid Echesa had stayed at his office for over an hour, insisting that Echesa spent 23 minutes at Harambee Annex.

“According to the CCTV footage. Former Sports Cabinet Secretary Rashid Echesa and his accomplices were inside the building from 9:38:29 to 10:02:37  -as confirmed by the CCTV aired at the DCI offices today.

“The rest of the time, the CCTV played at the DCI shows their movement outside the office,” the statement reads in part.

The DP’s office further distanced him from the entire spectacle, stating that there had been a major violation of security protocol. 

“The entry into the office of the deputy president that was aided by some security officers was a breach of security,” the press release further read.

Kinoti, on Thursday, March 5, aired acomprehensive CCTV footage which linked Kenei to Echesa’s Ksh 40 billion gun fraud case. 

Throughout the visit, Kenei was seen receiving instructions from an unknown source. 

“It is evident that throughout, he was receiving instructions or orders or directions from a certain source. It is manifest that the stakes must be so high and adverse that it could be dangerous to expose the source,” Kinoti stated, after ruling out claims that Kenei committed suicide.

The sleuth further demonstrated how Kenei was murdered after arguing that he was almost convinced that Kenei committed suicide, but upon investigation, he came up with evidence proving he was murdered.

Directorate of Criminal Investigation George Kinoti on Thursday, March 5, demonstrates how Sergent Kipyegon Kenei was murdered

“The exit of the bullet made us come up with a hypothesis. To be fair, absolutely fair, that if it was suicide, we would have wished that he rests in peace and then ask ourselves why he had killed himself. So if he could have shot himself, no matter how we demonstrated the scene to satisfy the theory and hypothesis of suicide, with him bending – as you are going to see in our report – then automatically he would have fallen on his back.

“But what we found out was a stage-managed incident which is the opposite. If he was standing, definitely the blood matter and brain matter would have erupted into the ceiling, then the cartridge would have fallen on the right,” Kinoti argued.

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