Judge Smokin Wanjala Hospitalized In India Over Deadly Swine Flu

Supreme Judge Smokin Wanjala has been admitted to a hospital in India after contracting Swine Flu.

Wanjala who was gracing a Judicial Conference in India contracted the virus with six other judges from India, as Chief Justice David Maraga confirms.

“Hon Justice Smoking Wanjala who is India for a Judicial Conference is hospitalized and undergoing treatment for the H1N1-Swine Flu which also affected 6 Indian Supreme Court Judges,” Maraga said.

Maraga went on to add that Judge Wanjala had responded well to treatment and may be discharged on Wednesday.

“The Judge is making great progress and may be discharged today. Wish him a speedy recovery,” he said.

Justice Smokin Wanjala

Swine Flu is commonly sourced from pigs and can be contracted by humans, though that being uncommon.

Among its signs and symptoms, the victim goes through prolonged bouts of coughing, fever, sour throat, runny nose, headache, and fatigue.

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