Jubilee Party Distances Itself From The Resolutions By Tanga Tanga MPs in Naivasha

The top leadership of the ruling Jubilee Party has come out to disassociate itself with the convention organized by some of its members which took place in Naivasha since Sunday evening until Monday.

The retreat bore a number of ultimatums which the attendees demanded should be honoured before they fully back the BBI wave.

The organizers had termed it a Parliamentary Group, the Party now dismissing it saying what happened in Naivasha was a mere association and meeting of people which the Constitution has allowed for and thus doesn’t qualify to be termed a PG.

“It has come to our notice at the Jubilee Party headquarters that in the last 2 days some members of the Jubilee Party including some sitting Members of Parliament held a retreat in Naivasha that was initiated by themselves. That Party has no problems with such initiatives, needless to say that freedom of association is enshrined in our constitution,” Rafael Tuju, JP Secretary-General.

Tuju added the resolutions made out of the meeting was not the Party’s position maintaining they were opinions of the members.

He went on to explain that it would be an official convention if it was the Party leader, who is President Kenyatta, that sanctioned the meeting or he delegated the role of chairing to another worthy leader.

“It would be valid when it is convened under article 9 part 7 of the Party constitution and is chaired by the Party leader, or such other person the Party leader may delegate such role of chairing,” Tuju said.

He added the meeting was not in line with the party’s constitution hence the consensus met in the Naivasha retreat doesn’t have a seconding from the party.

“Any resolutions of any meeting not convened in accordance with the provisions of the Party constitution are therefore not official Party resolutions. For the avoidance of doubt, the Naivasha retreat was not a PG meeting,” Rafael Tuju.

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