Journalist Yvonne Okwara makes fun of Ngirita’s Chokora remarks

Phyllis Ngirita became the butt of all jokes after an emotional outburst outside Milimani Law Courts on Monday, February 24.

Ngirita ranted that her accounts had been frozen and her son could no longer attend the prestigious Pembroke School due to an unsettled Ksh3.4 million debt.

In between dramatic wails, Ngirita complained that her son had become a ‘chokora’ as he is no longer fluent in German, he can only speak English, Swahili, and Kikuyu.

“Miaka mbili tumeteseka. Mtoto aliacha shule, anaelekea kuwa chokora… Wamekataa kabisa kufungua hiyo account. So mtoto ata hawezi ongea Kijerumani, anaongea Kikuyu na Kiswahili ama Kizungu,” cried Phyllis as she demanded audience with the president.


Phyllis’ remarks attracted hilarious comments from Kenyans who could not believe her insinuation that if someone didn’t know German they were chokoras. Meaning that a large population of Kenyans are chokoras since most of us can speak English, Swahili and our mother tongue.

Yvonne Okwara has joined in the bandwagon and poked fun at Ngirita’s viral remarks.

“Watoto wanakuwa chokora. Hawaongei kijerumani, wanaongea tu Kikuyu na Kiswahili!,” read her first tweet.

“Guten morgen! Einen schönen Tag noch (Good Morning! Have a nice day),” read another.

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