John Mbadi Discourages MPs From Taking Pay Cuts

National Assembly Minority Leader John Mbadi has discouraged Members of Parliament from taking pay cuts as directed by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The president announced on March 25, 2020, that he would take a voluntary pay cut of 80% with cabinet secretaries taking 30% pay cuts. This was also emulated by governors and their deputies, Supreme Court judges and Speakers of the Senate and National Assembly.

Legislators are yet to announce voluntary pay cuts to date with Mbadi arguing that the cuts would make a lesser impact compared to donations. He said that MPs would be taking cuts from the basic salary which is Ksh 400,000.

MP’s taking pay cuts is on basic salary which is less than 400,000 as we speak. 10% of that, let’s say upwards of 400,000 is 40,000 and that 40,000 is usually taken as taxation so the remaining amount which one would be offering in actual sense is 28,000.

Multiply that by 400 MP’s but then, I would encourage MPs who are buying food for their constituents and that is something that some of us are thinking of because then if you take the 28,000 from me for three months it is hardly 70,000.

John Mbadi

The minority leader argues that donations would be more than enough to help those in need. He also doesn’t consider it as a sacrifice unless those who do so want to do it as publicity stunts. Giving examples of MPs who have made donations, Mbadi refers to Babu Owino and Otiende Amollo who have donated foodstuffs to its constituents.

I’ve seen like for example the MP for Embakasi East has put quite a number of things for his constituents probably that is his way of taking a pay cut. I saw the MP for Rarieda with several pickups and he has bought quite a bit of food for his constituents, the MP for Kesses also did the same. I have seen the MP for Ndhiwa buying airtime to health workers in his constituency, I think that is what we need to encourage

John Mbadi

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