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JUST IN: DCI Collects DJ Fatxo’s DNA to Match with Jeff Mwathi’s

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) homicide unit have revealed that they are reaching the conclusion of a three-week investigation into the death of interior designer, Geoffrey ‘Jeff’ Mwathi. The DCI suspects that Mwathi, aged 23, was murdered and then thrown out of the 10th-floor window of DJ Fatxo’s house in Kasarani on February 22, 2023.

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Following the incident, which caused public outrage, DCI launched an investigation at the request of its boss, Amin Mohammed. In a statement on Thursday, the DCI confirmed that DNA samples had been collected from Mwathi and others of interest to verify allegations of sexual molestation before his death.

Detectives have already conducted an autopsy on the body, taking swabs from the anal region and other samples for DNA testing to determine if Mwathi was sodomized. They have also obtained toxicological samples to test for the presence of toxins or drugs.

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The crime experts revisited the scene on March 29, conducting a scientific scene reconstruction and recording fresh statements from witnesses to unravel the mystery surrounding Mwathi’s death. The DCI confirmed that other aspects of the investigation included forensic analysis of CCTV footage and cyber analysis of digital data.

The DCI stated that they are now awaiting a report from Pathologies Oduor, which “shall inform part of our final course of action.” DJ Fatxo has denied any connection to the death and is willing to cooperate with detectives to reveal the truth.

“Investigations continue, and we ask for patience from the public and the family of the deceased as we enter the homestretch,” said the DCI.


“I’m so willing to cooperate with detectives, DCI.. kila mtu mwenye ako hapo hivo ili tupate ukweli,” said DJ Fatxo.

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