Jalang’o Finally Responds to the WhatsApp Group Controversy

Popular comedian and radio presenter Jalang’o has finally responded to the claims of him and his group of friends cheating on their wives with multiple women.

The Milele FM presenter made his response on his Facebook page stating that he has had a rough two days since the Whatsapp group chats leaked. He admits that the Boys Club WhatsApp group is theirs and it has existed for many years but said its main purpose was for investments.

Jalang’o added that all the members in the group grew up together from childhood and have achieved great things together.

The boys are not just friends but people we grew up with from childhood,went to school together and achived alot together. On the chats youve seen , no one will tell you the genesis of the chats or the previous chats but they picked what they wanted you to see, we have been judged, abused and crucified and told that we formed a boys group just to have our pleasures. We will not defend ourselves but this was just another random boys chat in a wassp group, the difference between us and you is that your chats havent leaked out but I can assure you that in most wassp groups chats about men,women, money can never miss. People have blown this out of proportion and I can assure you we are totally broken.


In addition to refuting the claims, Jalang’o concluded his remarks by saying that Edgar Obare has a lot against him. He questioned what he benefits from exposing images and videos of the group chats and said that the damage done can never be repaired.

What does it benefit you when you do all this ? The damage youve cause us can never be repaired Edgar and I assure you that were it that I was a bad person this would not have ended well, we will not sue or try to follow on anything and we will just let this pass but youve broken families, we have lost bussiness and top clients who have pulled out on us, it is ok and we understand them, no one would want to be around us now.


Read the full post below:

The past two days have been very rough for me and my close friends because of the chats from our wassp group, yes we…

Posted by Jalango Mwenyewe on Wednesday, 20 May 2020

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