Italian Morgues Overwhelmed As Deaths Surpasses 8,000

The number of coronavirus deaths in Italy, which now stands at 8,165, is now overwhelming morgues with more bodies sent to other towns to be cremated.

Bergamo’s crematorium has been reported to send bodies to less burdened crematoriums in neighbouring towns. The situation is not expected to get better with some officials predicting more bodies to turn up in the next 10 days.

More coffins have been witnessed filling a church hall in the Seriate commune to Bergamo’s east.

Government officials reported 662 new deaths and 6,153 infections; an 8.8% death rate and 8% infection rate. The number seems not to go down despite Italy declaring a full lockdown.

The World Health Organization called Italy’s numbers “encouraging signs,” but warned it was “still too early to say whether the pandemic is peaking.”

Deputy Civil Protection Service Chief Agostino Miozzo said that they would continue making hard sacrifices until the infection and death rates drop.

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