Is Diamond Platnumz Back With Zari Hassan?

Tanzanian bongo singer Diamond Platnumz and his ex-lover Zari Hassan are now in good terms.

The two seem to have mended things and his children with Zari are doing videos praising him.

A month ago, Zari had criticised Diamond after he promised to pay rent for over 500 families who have been affected by corona, saying he was selling a lie while he did not know what his children were going through.

In one video, his daughter Tiffah is heard saying she loves her dad because he calls them every day.

Zari is heard in the background, asking her if she knows what job her dad does. Diamond also shared a video of his daughter Tiffah and son Nillan after a call with them.

In his post, the Tanzanian hitmaker was happy to hear their voices. He did not hide the joy and acknowledged the fact that they made his morning. “Nothing sweet than waking up to the sweetest video from your beloved kids,” he wrote.

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