Is Azziad Nasenya Pregnant?

Kenya’s tik tok queen Azziad Nasenya is suspiciously pregnant.

Accoding to an anonymous source the tiktok sensation Azziad Nasenya has been spotted severally in Runda where the artist Apoko alias Ringtone lives.

The singer has been looking for a wife for some time now. He reportedly has a checklist which the potential wife must satisfy fully. This includes a God-fearing person, hard-working person, a girl whose heart goes out for God.

During an interview on Upclose With Betty, the Pamela singer revealed a secret project he has been working on to get a wife with the exact qualities he wants.

“Now that Kenyan ladies are ignoring me we are going to go out to the road. There’s something I have been doing secretly. I’m surprised no one has noticed yet,” he said

Apparently the artist has always driven to Runda road and parks his car on the side, stands in the middle of the road and raises a placard for 30 minutes with his future wife’s qualities.

“If in those 30 minutes a lady sees me and inboxes me we talk, I’m ready,” Ringtone explains.

He also gave out his qualities; “I am very handsome, romantic, caring, God-fearing, I’m a very good person,” he added

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