Intoxicated Man Forced To Drink Urine As First Aid

A Ugandan man was forced to consume a full litre of urine collected from women in a bid to help him overcome intoxication.

The man, Ismail Dholaga, was found dead-drunk by the roadside in Iganga town, Uganda. He is reported to have saved enough to use for a Christmas party and proceeded to a local pub and consume more than he could actually manage.

Ismail fell by the roadside as he was trying to get back home and spent there for several hours before well-wishers came to his aid.

They began by mobilizing urine from women who had come to witness what had happened to Ismail. The women who initially thought it was a joke, walked to a nearby bush to fetch the urine.

Isaac was then forced by the well-wishers to consume the urine with the promise of him regaining consciousness instantly.

That, however, did not work as he did not respond to the “first aid” and was later rushed to the hospital by the police.

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