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IMF Forced To Cut Short Its Live Broadcast After Kenyans Flooded It With ‘Stop Loaning Kenya’ Comments

The International Monetary Fund was yesternight forced to cut short a live broadcast after Kenyans flooded its comment section with the ‘stop loaning Kenya’ comments. The live broadcast had only lasted 23 minutes before it was pulled down. In the Thursday night live broadcast, Kristalina Georgieva who is the IMF Managing Director was holding a conversation with Christiana Figueres.

Kenyans have held the online protest for some time now following the governments’ insatiable appetite for loans. The protests began after the Jubilee government placed a Ksh 256 Billion Loan request to the IMF. Kenyans believe that President Uhuru’s administration has a norm of requesting and misappropriating loans. According to them, the Jubilee administration did not deserve more loan awards.

Here are some comments sampled from the abandoned broadcast;

Cr Zeph; We are camping here until you address this issue. Our President is taking personal loans in the name of our Country.

David Mutua; Stop lending money to a corrupt Kenyan government. We are already neck-deep in debt and billions are lining the pockets of greedy politicians.

Halisi; If indeed you are sincere about assisting developing countries listen to its people who are now saying.

Wa Karanja; Stop loaning kenya money. It’s all looted by our greedy leaders

Professor Jane; IMF we beg you please stop funding corruption the situation is out of control and all you can do is making the situation even worse than it is.

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