Imam Arrested And Charged in Uganda For Marrying Fellow Man

A Muslim cleric who more than a week ago wedded a fellow man in Uganda has been arrested and charged.

Sheikh Mohamed Mutumba unknowingly got betrothed to a man in an official Muslim wedding function, also known as Nikah, but did not know his ‘wife’ was a man.

Sheikh Mutumba was remanded to Ntenjeru prison before he was made to appear before the Kayunga Grade One Magistrate ln Uganda, the charges being having carnal knowledge against the order of nature.

The Imam had wedded one Richard Tumushabe in December 2019. Sheikh Mutumba mistook Tumushabe for a lady before police revealed that he was really a man.

The man, Mr Tumushavbeb has fooled many men, marrying then stealing money from them before settling for other gullible men.

Mr. Tumushabe had duped a family reaping more than Ush 400,000 from them when “she” lied to the family that “her” husband, who was the family’s son, had been involved in an accident.

“On the introduction day, Mr Tumushabe claimed the husband had got an accident on the way to the function and that he had died.”

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