‘I’m Totally Tired’ Flaqo Cries Out After Google Terminated His YouTube Channel(Video)

Comedian Flaqo has cried out after Google terminated his Youtube Channel due to breach of copyright rules and guidelines. The termination comes after the organization received more than three copyright strikes against Flaqo’s Youtube channel.

Youtube informed Flaqo that he was prohibited from accessing, posessing or creating any other Youtube account unless the linked channel is reinstated.

The comedian, who became an online sensation after his videos went viral, posted a video on his Instagram account registering his disappointment. He claims that the termination was triggerred by the existence of parody channels and accounts that post his content and present them as their own.

At this points its really exhausting…Please report all channels that are not mine but have my content in it…Boycott…I’ve worked so hard to be disrespected every damn time,malice…Why…Because im just about to launch my show on youtube its maliciously taken down…Am not dropping the mic btw so if you maliciously want me out of the industry sorry😊…..we will be back with twice the energy ,this war of kicking me out of social media everytime is getting a little personal

Flaqo claims that he is exhausted and tired of the fakes who have now cost him his channel. The comedian narrated how it takes him 3 or more days to come up with the content that he posts.

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