“I’m Not The Cause For Andrew Kibe’s Exit From Kiss 100 – Jalang’o (Video)

Comedian Jalang’o has weighed into the discussion that has been online on Tuesday morning regarding his perceived role in the firing of Andrew Kibe from Radio Africa’s Kiss 100.

The controversial presenter informed his fans through Twitter of the exit, bringing to an end his two-year stint at Lions Place.

Kibe told a local publication that his departure could be owed to censorship, his seniors falling out with the kind of content he preferred to air.

“I gave my notice three months ago because I was being censored on the content I could put out on national radio,” he said.

He now clues of setting off in the online platforms where he says censorship and such has no space.

“On social media, I can put out whatever I want without limitations, things I couldn’t say on the radio,” he noted stating that digital was the next frontier in content creation,” Kibe is hopeful.

With his exit, assertions arose that Jalang’o could be his successor to keep it rolling alongside Kamene Goro.

After quitting Milele FM last week, Jalas has already attracted a handful of radio roles, with his heart being set along Waiyaki Way.

The comic has been one of the TTs on Twitter on Tuesday, tweeps calling him out for allegedly occasioning Andrew Kibe’s move out of Kiss.

“I was asleep and when I woke up, I found myself trending at number one,” Jalas wrote on Facebook.

To set the record straight, the comic says he has nothing to do with Kibe’s exit, further stating that they are friends and he had reached out to him (Kibe) concerning the news.

“I have just spoken to him and he told me he disagreed with the station,” Jalas said.

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