Hygiene Protocols By Sex Workers As They Resume Business

The variation of curfew hours by President Uhuru Kenyatta tends to work in favor of sex vendors who had initially been handicapped since the beginning of the dusk-to-dawn curfew in March.

With the new variation, curfew has been kicking off from 9.00 pm running through 4.00 am thus enabling businesses to bounce back however slowly.

The sex workers are some of the beneficiaries of the new hours, already coming back with protocols of fighting the Covid-19 virus while in line of duty.

Through their representatives, sex workers feel the worthiness of being recognized hence the urge to top on the already existing anti-Covid-19 guidelines put forward by the MOH.

Among the things they intend to do as they start again is changing of beddings after every client, or they working one-on-one or with a couple that shares a household.

Besides changing the beddings and, or limiting customers, they also intend to frequently disinfect all objects on which they and customers breathe heavily, adapting activities so that sex workers and customers avoid each others’ “moist breathing zone”, and sex workers showering or washing before and after a single session.

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