How Homa Bay Natives Sneaked Out of Nairobi Using A Coffin

A group of Kenyans proved themselves witty after managing to flout the 21-day travel ban into and out of Nairobi that was sanctioned by President Uhuru Kenyatta in bid to combat the spread of COVID-19.

That was revealed by CS Mutahi Kagwe who said the individuals ferried an empty coffin all the way to Homa Bay duping the officers -along the routes they plied into believing they were going to the county for a funeral.

CS Kagwe revealed that authorities in Homa Bay informed his ministry about the trickery used by the travellers and were arrested and forced into a mandatory quarantine.

“The driver of the vehicle tested positive for coronavirus,” said the CS.

He also informed that the occupants of the van will be charged upon the completion of their forced isolation.

The Homa Bay comedy aside, Kagwe also revealed that persons under mandatory quarantine and who haven’t completed the required 14-day isolation period, have been bribing their way out of the centres.

The CS gave an examle of a Mandera quarantine centre, where individuals under forced confinement paid the administrators of the facility to secure their release.

“Everyone who participated in the bribery, will face the full force of the law,” said the CS.

The CS also disclosed that there is another group that bribes law enforcement officers manning roadblocks so as to be allowed to breach the 21-day travel ban that was issued on April 6.

“They (persons breaching travel restriction) alight from the vehicles they are travelling in, issue monetary bribes to officers manning road blocks, walk several meters past the cut-off and, thereafter, board the vehicles they were in, and continue with their journeys,” added the CS.

“I want to tell such irresponsible drivers that they are rolling back our efforts to fight the disease. The enforcement agencies will catch up with you,” warned Kagwe, who observed that if measures of stopping the spread of COVID-19 are not strongly adhered to, then Kenya could lose up to 28, 000 people to the contagion.

The CS revealed that as of Saturday, April 18, Kenya recorded 16 new coronavirus infections, bringing the country’s total COVID-19 cases to 262. The 16 new cases were discovered from 1, 115 samples tested between Friday and Saturday.

All the new confirmed cases have no history of foreign travel. Twelve of the new cases are male, whereas four are female. Fifteen of the 16 are Kenyans, whereas one is a foreigner.

Nine of the sixteen hail from Nairobi, five from Mombasa and one from Homa Bay County.

The age range of the new cases is 23 to 84 years.

Kenya also registered seven new recoveries, bringing the total number of recovered patients to 60. Two more people died of the disease, bringing the total deaths to 13.

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