Here Are The Beneficiaries Of Moi’s Multi-Billion Will

The Late Mzee Moi before his death had drafted a substantive will to project the kind of way his multi-billion property will equally be distributed among his kin.

That was revealed on Thursday when one of his close confidants disclosed that he had wished that the property be shared among all of his children, with one already dead.

Bishop Silas Yego said Moi began preparing the document after beginning to get ill. Yego who is a retired AIC cleric said after the completion of the will Moi presented it to a lawyer whose name, he (Yego) with-held.

“The will was deposited with one of his lawyers that I cannot tell you,” Yego spoke to a local daily.

Moi fathered eight children namely Jennifer, Jonathan, Raymond, Philip, John mark, Doris, June, and Gideon.

“This was something he did sometimes back before his condition deteriorated and lost his voice. He made sure he shared out his property among all his children and dependants,” Yego said.

Yego also added the government had been served with a copy of the same and it is his wish that they will abide by it as the preparations for Mzee Moi’s send-off gain momentum.

” We informed the government about his wish and we hope that they will abide by it,” Yego went on.

The former head of state invested in banking, real estate, transport and logistics, large-scale farming, education, and media.

He will be buried on February 12 at his Kabarak home in Nakuru County, a funeral appearing to be one of its kind in the history of prominent deaths in the country.

Ministry of Interior has also declared the Tuesday of February 11 to be a public holiday for the members of the public to also pay their tribute to the fallen leader.

The body will be presented to the parliament Buildings for viewing from Saturday, February 8.

The funeral service will be held on the 11th at the renovated Nyayo Stadium, Nairobi before the cortege leaves for the final rites in Kabarak.

Of the eight children in the Moi family, only four are known:

Gideon Moi
He is the most known in the family. He is currently represents Baringo County in the Senate.

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Gideon Moi

Gideon evidently appeared to be his father’s favorite, always depicting the urge to following his footsteps.

Philip Moi
Philip came into the limelight when many a time his estranged wife Ms. Rosanna Pluda sued him over child support. He ever served in the military.

Raymond Moi
He is the current MP of Rongai Constituency. Rongai is found in Nakuru County. He has maintained a low profile even while in the tough politics sphere.

Jonathan Moi
A renowned safari rally driver of his time. He was off politics even though he grew up in the environment that would mould him into active politics. He died in April 2019 after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

John Mark Moi
He has been out of the limelight pursuing his career in silence. He works at the Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources as a geologist.

Doris Moi
Twin sister to Philip Moi. She was betrothed to the late Simon Choge who died in 1998. Choge worked as Jonathan’s navigator in the safari rally driving.

June Moi
She is the last born of the eight, though adopted. She schooled at Kenya High School before proceeding to Canada for her tertiary.

Jennifer Kositany Moi
She too has kept to a low media profile. She is a prolific businesswoman and is married to a Briton.

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