Hen Kills 6-Month Old Baby in Malava

A hen that was guarding over her chics is responsible for the death of a six-month-old baby on Christmas day in Shikokhwe Village, Malava.

The baby, Haggai Bushuru, was buried as villagers killed the hen which is reported to have pounced on the baby after his mother tried to chase it away.

The hen was guarding its chicks and jumped in self-defence at the provocation of Bushuru’s mother. One of the hen’s wings brushed on the baby’s face which traumatized him making him cry loudly. Haggai kept crying until he fell unconscious.

Haggai’s father, Mr Toboko, was in church when he got a call from his wife about the incident. He promptly went back home to take his child to the hospital but initially went to church for prayers.

It is while they were at church that they discovered that the baby isn’t breathing.

The hen was beheaded and left for the elders to eat as part of their tradition.

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