Hammo And Jemutai Square It Out Online, Revealing The Dirty Secrets Of Their Relationship

Churchill Show comedian Professor Hammo has today addressed deadbeat dad claims that were raised last week by his fellow comedian cum baby mama Jemutai. In his posts Hammo claims that he is providing food and shelter for the kids he sired with comedienne Jemutai.

The Hot 96 presenter also claims that he delegated duties to his wife, who sends Jemutai upkeep money for the kids. The comedian has taken a swipe at Jemutai for breaching the privacy of their kids by exposing them for ridicule online.

Jemutai, in quick rebuttal, claims Hammo’s wife has only sent her Ksh 9000 in total. She has also accused Hammo of being an absentee dad, who only visits the children past midnight whilst drunk to stupor. She has also stated that the comedian comes to visit their children empty-handed and his last meaningful visit was in October last year.

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