Had David Maraga Met William Ruto Before Exploding On President Kenyatta?

There has been a headline purportedly by the Daily Nation widely shared online insinuating that CJ David Maraga met with DP William Ruto before unleashing his outburst on the executive on Monday.

The chief justice was displeased with the executive for the utmost non-observance of court orders which he is worried sets a precedent for lawlessness, paralysis of the rule of law in the country which all, in turn, interfere with the service of justice.

The CJ also put forward his disappointment after Uhuru failed to appoint the 41 judges as recommended by the JSC.

The outburst by the CJ put President Kenyatta with his government on spot informing such moves of impeachment which the LSK has now taken.

The displeasure by Maraga was after he allegedly met William Ruto, a propaganda being span by the headline which is made to appear from the NMG’s Daily Nation.

The above cover possesses almost every feature typical to the Daily Nation hence becoming bit hard for one to tell whether or not the headline is fake.

Those in favor with Uhuru and his government have picked it to use as an arsenal against anyone with a move intended at troubling the president and his administration.

The owners of the daily have however come out clean to renounce the headline alerting its consumers not to fall prey to the antics intended by propagandists in pushing an agenda best known to them.

President Kenyatta has been in the recent past at loggerheads with his deputy, the latter camping at his official residence in Karen where he’s been playing host to his allies and other leaders.

CJ Maraga called out Uhuru for laxity and contributing to the the heaping of cases in courts by not appointing the aforementioned judges. The president’s ardents are now taking Maraga as tool for hire, Ruto being in the picture.

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