Government Says Kenyans Will Still Pay Taxes in a Full Lockdown

Government Spokesperson Col Cyrus Oguna has dismissed any chances of Kenyans not paying taxes should the country be forced into lockdown.

Col Oguna said that the government would not lift taxes during a possible lockdown saying that the government is not a business enterprise and that it needs taxes to fund its operations.

The taxes cannot be entirely lifted because the government must continue to operate. The government is not a business enterprise, it must be able to fund its operations from taxes. There is no government globally that has been able to remove all taxes because of a situation like this

Cyrus Oguna

He was responding to calls from some Kenyans to declare a lockdown. Oguna said that it was an option the government is considering but doesn’t want to enforce it right away.

He noted that the only way for the country to avoid a lockdown is for Kenyans to comply and strictly adhere to the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health.

The Government Spokesperson was, however, positive on the country’s ability to sustain the pandemic in the country.

We are in the right direction to flatten the curve. We have seen a lot of improvement. Many people are obeying the advisories and if we stay that way, we may not get to a lockdown

Cyrus Oguna

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