Girl Claims Popular Comedian Slept With Her For 5 Hours

A young Kenyan girl has revealed on her social media platform that a popular comedian slept with her for 5 hours nonstop.

The girl, identified as Shiko Alice on Facebook, said that the comedian, Manuu KE, went on for 5 hours nonstop so much so that she had issues sitting comfortably in a matatu. She went on to say that she tried calling him afterwards but he did not answer and when he did, he said that he was busy.

Guys help me this guy screwed me 5 hours nonstop hadi nikipanda gari sikua nakaa kwa kiti ju kuwashwa p**** but sai hashiki kols zangu akishika anasema ako busy🤦‍♂️.. I love him so much pls help me tag him anaitwa Manuu KE.(manuukenya) Anakuanga mcee/actor.. ako kwa ii grup na ni mtu known

Shiko Alice

Netizens were quick to comment about Manuu’s ‘talents’ with some noting that the comedian deserves an Order of the Burning Spear medal.

This guy needs Order of the Burning Spear medal and a standing ovation.

Unajua anaitwa Manuu na ukamkubalisha😂😂😂😂😂, conference ilikupita wewe

Manuu Kenya is an upcoming comedian and Emcee.

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