VIDEO: Ghosts At Kakamega Primary School

One of the theories that have been speculated by many that caused the death of 14 students at Kakamega Primary School on Monday is the presence of ghosts.

Theories began circulating around the country after former Kakamega Senator said that the students were sacrificed for Satanic gains. He noted that some churches which hold worship at the school on Sundays orchestrated the deaths.

You know that there are churches which are of questionable practice, especially how they deal with our children. I am a doctor of medicine, and I am telling you that all the 14 children who died, none had wounds oozing fresh blood. We want the minister to know that we won’t allow anybody, including the church, to consume our children’s blood, and sacrifice them through Satanic worship

Boni Khalwale

Some students in the school say they saw a strange figure that looked like a teacher with a cow-like head and started running and tripping and falling. Others suspected one of the teachers to be a devil worshipper and could be behind the stampede.

Another theory that has been suggested is that a teacher was caning one or more pupils in a locked classroom and when the door was opened, they rushed out into the narrow corridor and fell down the staircase.

A video has also been doing rounds on social media believed to be recorded in Kakamega Couty. It shows of a human figure making random noises on top of a tree. has confirmed that the video is from India and not Kakamega as believed.

Watch the video below:

Names of 13 students were released by the school and their respective places of burial. Their names were:

  • Antonnet Iramwenya
  • Prudence Eliza
  • Catherine Oloo
  • Naila Kiverenge
  • Nicole Achola
  • Venessa Adesa
  • Fidel Kubutie
  • Simon Waweru
  • Samuel Simekha
  • Lavender Akisa
  • June Nakhumicha
  • Joseph Musami
  • Bertha Munywele
  • Prince Vermaline

A memorial service has been arranged for the students on Friday at Bukhungu Stadium. The county government of Kakamega promised to pay for hospital bills, provide coffins, transport, and offer financial support to the affected families.

Do you believe the presence of ghosts at Kakamega Primary School?

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