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Finland Seeking Immigrants To Fill In Job Openings

Tiny European nation, Finland has been forced to turn to outsiders to address its ageing population and workforce shortage. Its greying population has led to an acute shortage of labour force.

Finland, which was lately ranked as the World’s happiest nation, made an official announcement encouraging immigrants to move into the nation to help it address its inadequacies.

“It’s now widely acknowledged that we need a spectacular number of people to come to the country. Workers are needed “to help cover the cost of the greying generation”, a recruiter Saku Tihverainen told NDTV Channel.

A separate statement from a Finish government ministry also acknowledged the need to import skilled labour to address Finland’s problems.

“Finland’s working age population is decreasing and population growth is based exclusively on immigration,” reads the ministry’s website.

“Without sufficient immigration, the supply of labuor and, in the longer term, employment will fall significantly, which will affect Finland’s economic dependency ratio, employment rate and sustainability gap. Finland competes with the rest of the world for the best talent,” it added. 

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