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Film Stylist Merge With The Pluto and Flirty Carlos To Form Kenya’s Most Formidable Content Team

Popular YouTubers Film Stylist, in their quest to take Kenyan Youtube and content creation industry by a storm, have now teamed up with Instagram model The Pluto and celebrated choreography artist Flirty Carlos. This new team will surely change our stagnated content industry that is always criticized by fans for the production of monotonous content.

The crew, that also includes Xtian Dela and his girlfriend Fatmah Banj, have a vision of revolutionizing Kenyan Youtube content. The team believes that the Kenyan Youtube scene is crowded by below par content and an elevation is inevitable.

True to their words, Film Stylist and Xtian Dela have in the past week released exquisite Youtube content. Xtian’s Fake Lottery videos, where he gifts money to random Kenyans, have received massive support and praise. If the online reception of Xtian’s Fake Lottery videos is anything to go by, it goes without saying that the Kenyan fanbase has been yearning for quality content that entertains and informs leisurely.

The Film Stylist are also worth applauding for the continuous and consistent support that they give to small businesses. Instagram stories of the crew members are often flooded with product advertisements, done at affordable fees, and that have proven cost-effective to the small struggling enterprises.

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