Ferdinand Waititu Ditches Jubilee, Joins KANU

Former Kiambu governor Ferdinand Waititu has announced he will be “relocating” to KANU even after succeeding through the Jubilee Party in his past election as governor for Kiambu.

Waititu was among the delegates from Central Kenya who met KANU Party leader Sen. Gideon Moi at his Kabarak home in Nakuru County.

Waititu said he had been elected to head the party’s in Emabakasi branch when he was the area’s MP in the 10th parliament.

“I was elected the chairperson of KANU Party in Embakasi when the political outfit was very strong in the country. During those days, being the chairman of a political party, one had to be voted for. In Embakasi, we held a very big election, and I was voted the chairperson. As of today, I am still the party’s leader in Embakasi. There has never been any subsequent election to remove me from the office,” he said.

“I was elected the party chairperson when President Kenyatta was the political outfit’s national chairperson. I want people to know that I am attending this event today because I am a KANU member. I have not lost my way as some people would think. The journey has not ended, I chose to continue with my political journey. Mr.Chairman -referring to Gideon Moi, I want to assure you of my support, I know very well that the party is safe in your hands,” he added.

The ousted governor was addressing the gathering at Kabarak amid unrest from a section of the delegates he had traveled with. They booed and jeered at him as he went on with his address. He however, at last, won the audience’s attention everyone giving him the ear.

KANU’s Sectreaty-General Nick Salat said the aim of such meetings is to popularise the party ahead of the 2022 major political contest.

“The late Mzee Daniel Moi was buried by Kenyans and not members of the Kalenjin community. Senator Gideon Moi was given Mzee’s rungu that symbolized the power he brandished across Kenya. He does not belong to Kalenjins only, he belongs to the whole country,” Nick Salat said.

Senator Gideon Moi thanked the delegates for honoring the meeting saying it had been ground for political tolerance as well as consensus that will be instrumental in building a peaceful political environment and society as a whole.

“Building bridges of friendship and collaboration is key to nurturing a society where tolerance, dialogue, and consensus-building reign supreme. I am glad to have hosted a delegation from the Mt. Kenya region at Kabarak today,” he said.

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