Feminist Starts Campaign Against Shaving The ”Bush”

A controversial feminist has spiked a hot debate among social media users about the community’s double standards on growing pubic hair after sharing photos of her unshaved vagina on twitter.

Slumflower, the UK based feminist, has accused the community of shaming and demaning women for allowing their pubic hair to grow whilst giving men a free pass.

She vowed to launch a ‘Bring Back the Bush’ campaign to kill the prevailing stigma on women who prefer to go natural.

Her tweet read:

‘Over the past few months, I’ve silently undergone a journey of challenging myself to grow out my bush and let my beauty flourish.
“Imagine how different the world would look if women weren’t taught to be afraid of our bodies”

“Hair happens. It grows out of our skin like our nails do but for some reason, we are taught to hate our hair when it grows from our pubic region.”

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